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"Developing Kingdom Ambassadors..." II Corinthians 5:20

increased, the late Mrs. Laura Daniels Frederick was advised of the availability of the Tucker Church on Maxcy Street.  The church was then rented at the cost of twenty dollars ($20.00) per month. On August 6, 1933, the first church   service was held on Maxcy Street.  After holding services in the rented building for several months, it was offered for sale for two thousand two hundred dollars ($2,200).  The church had a membership of two hundred fifty (250) people at the time.  The church was purchased and named the New Mount Zion Baptist Church.  The pastors were Rev.  Thomas F. Owens (1933-1934); Rev. E.A. Davis (1934-1938); Rev. J.J. Abney (1938-1943); and Rev. F.K. Sims (1943-1947).

     ​1739 Amelia Street (1980-1998):  The new edifice was completed in November 1980.  The dedication services were held from Tuesday, December 14, 1980 to Sunday, December 19, 1980. Rev. Lewis Graham resigned in July 1981.  Rev. Hardy Mapp served as pastor from 1982 to 1984 and Rev. Clarence W. Joyner, Jr., served from 1986 to November 1998.  During the interim Rev. Lavern Keitt, Jr., Rev. Earlin Humes and Rev. Dorothy Brown (all members), together with the Board of Deacons, provided leadership until a new pastor was found.   ​

     1785 Amelia Street, N.E.  (2000 – Present):  January 16, 2000 marked the beginning of another phase in the history of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Rev. Jerome Anderson, a native of St. Matthews, South Carolina, accepted the pastorate of New Mt. Zion.  Rev. Anderson was later joined by Rev. Yvonne Singleton, Assistant Pastor.

Capital Campaign

     Dutton Street (1947-1980):   Under the leadership of Rev. F.K. Sims, the property on Dutton Street waspurchased and the parsonage was erected in 1947.  Rev. Sims left before this building was completed.  Rev. J.D.  Bryan served from 1947 to 1954. Under Rev. Bryan’s pastorate, the parsonage was completed and a sanctuary was erected in 1950. Membership had increased to 350.  The church mortgage was liquidated

     Maxcy Street (1933-1947):  The New Mount Zion Baptist Church was organized on the second Sunday in July, 1933 by the Busy Bee Club, at the home of the late Deacon J. A. Pierce.  Subsequent meetings were held at various members’ homes each Sunday.  As the weeks passed and the membership

      Twelve deacons were ordained: On June 24, 2001, Carl Algood, Leonard Anderson, Tommy Brown, Woodrow Morgan, Jr., Thomas Saxon, Luther Sumpter, and Willie Ulmer; and on January 10, 2010, Frank Davis, Samuel Farlow, Willie Griffin, Frank Hall, and Jerry Steward.

      During their leadership, the membership grew and on January 2008, the 1785 Amelia Street edifice was completed. 

      September 2014 marked the beginning of a new phase in the history of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Reverend Yvonne Singleton, former assistant pastor, was selected by the membership to serve as Interim Pastor.   Under her leadership, the church has developed a renewed commitment to the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

in 1954.  The latter part of 1954, Rev. Alfred Isaac was elected by the membership to lead New Mount Zion.  His tenure    lasted until 1957.  ThenNew Mount Zion Baptist Church was served by the following pastors:  Rev. W. J. Marshall, 1958-1960; Rev. Harold Roland, 1961 – 1971; Rev. Nathaniel Griffin, 1972-1975; and Rev. Lewis Graham, 1976-1981.

New Mount Zion Baptist Church






were Minister Lois Brown, Rev. Samuel B. Glover, Rev. Charles Goodwin, Minister Sylvia Goodwin, Rev. Earlin Humes, Rev. Lavern Keitt and Rev. Fred Morton.  

20 "For where two or three gather in my name, there am

I with them.”

​-Matthew 18:20

     Fifteen ministers were licensed:  Minister Elaine Keitt on April 9, 2000; Minister Claude Collins on June 10, 2001; Ministers Christopher Williams, Warren Harley, and Adolphus and Kemeka Johnson on October 21, 2007; Ministers Eartha Davis, Joann B. Farlow, Cassandra Fuller and Bessie Powell on September 12, 2009; Ministers Tina Anderson, Judy Brown, Carl Dickson, Naomi Haynes, and Calvin Wilson on November 13, 2011.  Other ministers at New Mt. Zion Baptist Church 

Church History